Why Iowa will survive the zombie apocalypse

Why Iowa will survive the zombie apocalypse

The Estately blog posted a ranking of states most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse. Most likely: Alaska. Least likely: New Jersey. Iowa ended up as the 15th most likely state to survive an onslaught of walkers.

Sparse population  might seem part of the reasoning, but neighboring Nebraska and Minnesota were not so lucky (29th and 38th most likely to survive, respectively). Estately made it’s ranking based on factors like the number of military personnel and veterans, how physically active the people are, enthusiasm for martial arts, knowledge of zombies, paintball and laser tag enthusiasts and triathletes.

Let’s look at how some of those factors might have helped Iowa.

Knowledge of zombies: Zombie Burger has more than 70,000 fans on Facebook and expects to sell its one millionth burger later this year. Additionally, Danai Gurira, who plays the katana-wielding Michonne on “The Walking Dead,” is from Grinell.The Des Moines Zombie Walk and Zombie Run probably didn’t hurt.

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Enthusiasm for martial arts: Midwest Cage Championship has helped to build excitement for MMA with regular events at Hy-Vee Hall. There are also a number of schools for tae kwon do, kung fu, jiu-jitsu, muay thai and other martial arts in the area.

Triathletes: Running, swimming and biking give you lots of options for escaping the undead hordes. The Hy-Vee Triathlon is one of the largest events of its kind and the influx of international athletes helps to motivate locals to compete as well.

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Paintball and laser tag: There are a number of paintball facilities in the area, and anyone who was a teen in the 90s will remember spending Friday nights at Lazer X at Merle Hay Mall. Recently a new laser tag location opened, CMP Tactical Lazer Tag.

Gun ownership: Last fall Iowa made national news for granting gun permits to the blind. Combine that with the number of hunters in the state and we should do OK.


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