What would happen if you actually lived out the 12 Days of Christmas?

Published on December 13th, 2013 | by Ameena Rasheed

While the roots to one of the most notable Christmas songs, Twelve Days of Christmas, isn’t entirely known. The good folks over at The Atlantic wondered what it would be like if they actually consumed feast over the next 12 days. What would the health consequences be?

From The Atlantic:

Before you scoff, consider that the song’s many fowls and physical activities are already being tabulated for an annual “Christmas Price Index.” This year, it tops $114,651. But aren’t you more likely to do some dancing yourself this holiday season than you are to buy nine dancing ladies? 

If you plan on having your own 12-days-of-Christmas diet experiment, then you can read more about those two weeks filled with 2,384 calories. Read more here.

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