Published on May 14th, 2014 | by Joe Lawler

We can rebuild it: Vaudeville Mews’ PBR Bar is returning to life this month

Last fall came the sad news that Vaudeville Mews was tearing down the PBR Bar located in the alley between Vaudeville Mews and The Royal Mile.

At the time Vaudeville Mews owner Amedeo Rossi said the space the bar occupied, as well as the stage where bands and DJS regularly played, was part of the to-be-renovated Hotel Randolph property. But today the music venue posted “!!! PBR BAR RETURNETH !!!” on its Instagram page.

“We never intended to not open it again,” Rossi said. “We’re going to rebuild the bar and it’s going to be the PBR bar. We’re looking to probably do some DJs and an occassional band out on the bricks.”

The new PBR Bar will be located closer to the Mews’ building and will not use the stage where DJs and bands performed int he past. Rossi said the placement of the bar will be closer to the back entrance of the alley.

Rossi said the plan is to have the new PBR Bar open on May 23.

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