Music Ben Fletcher Foster, 25, guitarist for Doctor Murdock.

Ben Fletcher Foster, 25, guitarist for Doctor Murdock.

Three questions with Ben Fletcher Foster

Published on March 11th, 2014 | by Joe Lawler

Ben Fletcher Foster, 25, is the singer/guitarist for Doctor Murdock, performing at 9 p.m. Friday at Gas Lamp, 1501 Grand Ave.

Q: How did Doctor Murdock first get together?

I was friends with (guitarist) Caleb Avery ever since we were little kids. We were neighbors and started hanging out a lot in college in Ames and started playing music together. I met Jose (Mendez, drummer) through Caleb and we started playing open mic nights at The Space for Ames. We kept playing and eventually Nate Logsdon helped us get more shows.

Q: What music and acts have influenced your sound?

I’m really into Portugal the Man; I listen to them a lot. The different members all have their own influences that change our sound a lot. Bob Dylan has influenced a lot in how I write. And classic rock like Led Zeppelin I and II. I’m also into post-hardcore stuff like Thursday and Me Without You. So it goes from folk to alternative to almost punk.

Q: You guys sold out your last album, “A Man From Earth On Mercury,” before you even took the stage at your release show in January. How did that feel?

That was great. We actually only had 30 CDs with us, so it’s not quite as amazing as it sounds, but it was really great. We had a lot of friends out at the show who like us as a band. It’s awesome to have friends support you and buy our CD even though they hear us play all the time. It was kind of humbling, in a way.

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