Three dishes made with whiskey

Three dishes made with whiskey

Whiskey is a great drink, but it can also improve a great meal. Here are three local dishes that include a bit of booze in every bite.

Jethro’s Rib Taster

Find it: Every Jethro’s location

It’s four slow-smoked ribs that are covered in a bourbon glaze and served on top of a bed of fries. That covers your three essential food groups. $9.95.

Whiskey chipotle wings

Find it: The Keg Stand, 3530 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines

You get a mix of spicy and sweet with these wings, which mix a bourbon sauce with chipotle pepper. It’s not too hot, but it has just enough of a kick to let you know these aren’t barbecue wings. $10.50 for a pound.

Hanger steak

Find it: The Continental, 428 E. Locust St.

This cut of meat comes with a creamy whiskey sauce made by sauteing mushrooms and onions with clarified butter, then bourbon, cream, brown sugar and thyme are added to give it flavor. $18.95.

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