Tacopocalypse brings fans to new home in East Village

Tacopocalypse brings fans to new home in East Village

Despite a recent grand opening, Tacopocalypse already has a loyal following. Taco fans visited Tacopocalypse in past locations at the Downtown Farmers Marketor The Point. They ride their bikes to the Cumming Tap to partake in Tacopocalypse Tuesday (don’t worry, Taco Tuesday fans, you’ll still get bacon chorizo here). But the mobile food purveyor has found a home in the East Village, and if the busy lunch crowds are any indication, it’s there for the long haul.

The day we visited, a steady stream of diners entered the restaurant, but the line at the counter moved quickly and food was coming out fast. Tacopocalypse is housed in the space formerly occupied by Luna Bistro, and it isn’t fancy. But it’s clean and bright, with lots of exposed brick and beams that appear to be original to the building. You order at the counter, where a large chalkboard menu lists the tacos, burritos, sandwiches, appetizers and assorted sides. There’s also a B.O.D. (burrito of the day).

I was tempted by the banh mi sandwiches, but I couldn’t pass up the tacos (one taco for $3, two for $5). I ordered a bulgogi (Korean beef), a lemongrass pork and a potato poblano. My husband tried the wasabi brisket, braised pork and bulgogi. We took a number, found a table and didn’t have to wait long before receiving our two cardboard baskets of tacos.

Among the sampled tacos, we both agreed the bulgogi was the star. The corn tortilla held beef coated in a tangy sauce with a sweet finish, topped with slaw and a creamy, slightly spicy sauce. The cabbage added a nice crunch.

All the tacos we tried were satisfying and flavorful. We skipped a salsa station offering additional toppings and still enjoyed plenty of diverse and interesting tastes. The lemongrass pork topped with red-cabbage slaw had a light citrus flavor, while the spicier potato poblano featured roasted potatoes, poblanos and adobo crema. My husband found the wasabi flavor in the wasabi brisket pleasant and not too strong.

If the tables in the main dining area are full up, patrons were encouraged to enjoy their tacos in an adjoining room while standing at a large U-shaped wooden bar. Renovations are still going on in the space, but diners didn’t seem to mind standing while munching tacos, so perhaps the bar can stay. At the time of our visit earlier this week, Tacopocalypse wasn’t yet serving alcohol, but anticipates acquiring its liquor license soon.


Find it: 621 Des Moines St.

Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. for Sunday brunch

Info: 515-556-0571

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