Young Professionals Debt rates on student loans vary from state to state.

Debt rates on student loans vary from state to state.

Student debt is ‘out of control’ in Iowa

Published on October 7th, 2013 | by Ameena Rasheed

Obtaining a college education is far from being cheap these days and students are finding themselves in overwhelming amounts of debt in order to get a college degree.

Student loan debt can vary from state to state and tuition from a four-year institution can easily cost more than $10,000 per year.

Wall St. Cheat Sheet took a look at eight states with the highest amounts of debt in the country and Iowa made the list at number six:

6. Iowa

Staying in the Midwest, we move on to Iowa, home of the Hawkeyes and the Cyclones. Getting closer to your Big 10 or Big 12 favorites for a few years is going to cost you: Graduates from the state who have borrowed come out with an average of $28,753 in debt. The percentage of students who are in debt has gone up, too, with 72% of those who attend college in the corn belt state turning to the bank for help pay for their tuition.

Read more at USA Today.


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