Iowa State Fair Skid Row. Special to Juice.

Skid Row. Special to Juice.

Skid Row plays fair today

Published on August 5th, 2013 | by Joe Lawler

When Corey Taylor was looking for someone to record bass parts for the Stone Sour albums ‘House of Gold and Bones” parts 1 and 2, he turned to Skid Row co-founder Rachel Bolan. But Bolan didn’t pick up the first time he saw the call.

“I think I had been in the studio late the night before, and when the phone rang all I saw on the caller ID was ‘Des Moines, Iowa,’ Bolan said during a phone interview. “I was sleeping late and thought, ‘Let me shoot that to voice mail.’ ”

The two ended up connecting, and Bolan flew in to record with the band at Sound Farm Studios in Jamaica, Ia. Bolan said he had listened to the demos nonstop for days, even playing them in his sleep so they would seep into his brain.

“I still talk to Corey on a bi-weekly basis. I’m flattered and honored that he asked me,” Bolan said.

But that was just a temporary side gig. Bolan is very much dedicated to Skid Row, the band he’s been playing with for 27 years. The band has been through changes over the years, but Bolan and guitarists Dave “The Snake Sabo” and Scott Hill have been together for more than a quarter century, and singer Johnny Solinger, who replaced iconic frontman Sebastian Bach, has been with the group for 14 years now. That’s four years longer than Bach actually spent in the band.

“We didn’t want to go out and be a nostalgia band,” Bolan said of what Skid Row was looking for in a Bach replacement. “We needed someone with the ambition to do new stuff while handling the old stuff … not relying on the past.”

Skid Row just released its first new music in seven years, “United World Rebellion: Chapter One.” Bolan said the plan is to release what would have been an album over three EPs, saying it’s easier to write 10 songs and pick five for each EP than to write 30 and only pick 10 for a full length album.

Bolan also hopes the shorter, quicker releases will make up for the lack of new music in recent years.

“As stupid as it sounds, we lost track of time,” Bolan said. “A lot of people don’t realize how much we tour, we’re basically on the road from February straight through to December. We’d take a month or two off and the next thing you know we hadn’t written any songs. But watching people headbang to these new songs it’s like ‘We did it, mission accomplished.’ We kept the momentum going.”

Skid Row plays plenty of fairs, as well as festivals with vendors serving fried food. So what does Bolan like to order?

“Man, I do like corn dogs,” Bolan said. “I also like elephant ears, do you call them that there? (We do). And funnel cakes. When I was a kid I used to go to a racetrack near my house and they had the best funnel cakes. Food on a stick is usually great no matter what it is.”

Skid Row

When: 8 p.m. Friday

Where: Budweiser Stage, Iowa State Fair, East 30th Street and University Avenue

Cost: Free stage



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