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See delicious pupusas made at El Salvador Del Mundo

Zach Boyden-Holmes/Juice a Pupusa at El Salvador Del MundoOrigins: Pupusas have been made for thousands of years in El Salvador, and until the last century were largely found in smaller villages in the country. As villagers began moving to larger cities, the dish came with them. When the Salvadoran civil war hit the country in the ‘80s, immigrants brought them to the United States in large numbers.

El Salvador Del Mundo is the only El Salvadorian brick and mortar restaurants in Des Moines, and one of only a few places that serves pupusas. The restaurant proudly features what has become El Salvador’s best known culinary export.

It’s not a complicated dish. A dough is made using corn flour. The cook grabs a handful, then presses a handful of cheese and cooked meat into the middle. The dough is shaped around the contents, then patted quickly until it forms a flat, round pancake that is completely sealed. It’s thrown on a grill and cooked on both sides until lightly browned.

It’s similar to a quesadilla, but thicker with a pouch of filling. It comes with a side of curtido, a cabbage slaw that you either eat on the side or pile on top. At El Salvador Del Mundo pupusas come with either a hot green salsa or a mild red salsa to slather on top.

Options for the filling include cheese, loroco (an edible flower), shredded pork, and beans. At less than $2, it’s a filling meal with one or two.


El Salvador Del Mundo’s pupusas

Find them: 2901 Sixth Ave.

Cost: $1.70, $1.75 with three ingredients, $1.85 with everthing.

Info: 288-0535.


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