Published on January 3rd, 2014 | by Ameena Rasheed

Could you live on Starbucks for a year?

There one woman in Seattle making quite a buzz with her Starbucks diet. Beautiful Existence (yes, that’s her real name) lived off of Starbucks products for all of 2013. She documented her journey on her blog “One Woman, One Year, One Challenge” at

From Tazo Tea to Evolution Fresh juices and wraps, she pulled no punches. Why would one take up a challenge like this?

Existence on her blog: “So again, why am I doing this challenge? Or why will I do any challenge in the future? Because I love being human and I love the privilege of being able to ask the question why in the first place!”

She spent $480 to $600 a month on Starbucks products and more than $7,000 during the course of the year.

Read more about her story here. Would you be able to live off of Starbucks for one year?



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