Style Raygun's newest shirt about the government shutdown. (

Raygun's newest shirt about the government shutdown. (

‘NO PRODUCTIVITY! NO MERCY!': Raygun slams federal shutdown

Published on October 1st, 2013 | by Josh Hafner

Raygun went ahead and Raygunned the day’s headlines again in typical Raygun fashion. The Des Moines company debuted a timely t-shirt this morning lambasting Congress’ biggest stars for the government shutdown that went into place this morning.

“THE SHUTDOWN 2013: NO PRODUCTIVITY! NO MERCY,” it reads, with a professional wrestler depicted tearing his shirt. “JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THESE  (expletive)-CLOWNS IN CONGRESS COULDN’T TAKE MORE TIME OFF!”

Ted “Green Eggs” Cruz, Harry “Ping Pong” Reid and John “Mr. Orange” Boehner all get shout outs. See the shirt here.

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