Music L’ Assassins. Special to Juice.

L’ Assassins. Special to Juice.

L’Assassins killing the show

Published on September 10th, 2013 | by Joe Lawler

The Minneapolis rockabilly band L’Assassins is trying to harken back to a bygone era, when a band wasn’t just putting on a concert. L’Assassins wants to put on a show.

“We’re a band that feeds off the energy of a crowd,” singer Tea Ann Simpson said during a phone interview. “We get in the audience and dance when we perform and try to make everyone have a good time. We wear semi-matching outfits, like bands that looked really put together. We’re throwing a party.”

Simpson grew up loving rockabilly, punk, outlaw country and the vixens of Russ Meyer movies. If you’re not familiar with Meyer’s oeuvre, it includes B-movie classics like “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!,” “Vixen!” and “Heavenly Bodies!” and other films that end in exclamation marks and feature shapely women. Meyer’s films went on to influence the sound and style of bands like The Cramps, who L’Assassins also owes a debt to.

L’Assassins got its start from a discussion between Simpson and other musicians after a concert in the Twin Cities. Several musicians thought it would be great to see more female bands in the area. The discussion got more serious, and soon Simpson had a dedicated group of women to form L’Assassin.

The band has developed a following in Europe, particularly in Spain where garage rock has a big following. The band toured there earlier this year and is going to return early next year.

“It was awesome in Europe. They’re really into American rock ’n’ roll and the crowds there are huge,” Simpson said. “People come out, dance and have an awesome time. One of the biggest garage rock festivals in the world is in Valencia, Spain. People really love rock there.”

The band plans to fully embrace its B-movie roots with a L’Assassins feature film to be made later this year, “Codename: L’Assassins.” A Minnesota filmmaker was planning to use some of the band’s songs in a feature, and before long talk of another project came together. Simpson said she expects the movie to be funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

“We threw out some story ideas and helped come up with an outline for the script that felt right for us and the message we want to put out there,” Simpson said. “Once the script is done, we’ll give it another pass to make sure it feels L’Assassins enough.”


When: 8 p.m. Thursday

Where: Gas Lamp, 1501 Grand Ave.

Cost: $10


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