#DesMoines on Instagram: 5 people you must follow

When you want to know what your friend ate for lunch, you check Facebook. When you want a picture of what they ate, you use Instagram.

The photo-sharing app launched in 2010, and five months ago announced it has reached 150 million users. It’s simple enough; you take a picture or 15-second video, add one of the apps’ filters (or don’t, but stop adding #nofilter) and share it with your friends. Your friends can like the photo, add comments and brighten up your day a bit when you realize 50 people are interested in seeing your cat take a nap.

Instagram users are dedicated, and the service is growing faster than any other big mobile app or social network. We asked readers to nominate some of the best Instagram accounts of Des Moinesians. We highlight five here, who all use the network with different styles and purposes. Take a look at their photos and share your favorites, too, #juicestagram. Click on each of their photos to learn more about them. PLUS: #Juicestagram: Your favorite Instagram photos from around Des Moines | 8 Instagram accounts to follow, 4 apps for better photos

Joe Lawler


Meanz Chan.


Jessica Miller.


Garrett Cornelison.


Graham Gardner.

Zach Steele.

Zach Steele.

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