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How you, too, can be creative

Published on August 20th, 2013 | by Cat Rocketship

Too many intelligent and inquisitive people say wistfully, “I wish I was more artistic,” or “I am just not that creative.”

Well, I am here to tell you, standing on the certificate of a degree in art, which surely means something, that even the most hopelessly lost can be creative. Even you sad souls who “cannot draw a circle” can in fact draw a circle. It might not be a pretty circle, but if a jury of your peers can make it out as a circle, you did well.

It is beneficial sometimes to recognize just how many creative acts you perform. You sing in the car, really belt it out. You put together a really sharp suit, offset by some special accessory. You cook dinners and write letters and make many artful improvisations in life. You are skilled at combining materials and ideas in novel ways. I know this because you are a human, and it’s kind of our thing.

You will feel better about your circle when you recognize that drawing is a tool. It is an implement in your bigger toolbox of communication skills, and is jumbled in there with speaking, singing, dancing, meaningful looks and that secret talent for flower arrangement.

Any of these tools can be pulled out and used to communicate or enhance communication with another human being, and probably also with some apes or dolphins.

Of course, it’s how you draw the circle that is really creative. If you simply want a circle you could open up MS Paint and draw one. The way to be more creative is to accept and control the touch you add to the work — the style you draw that circle in. A circle drawn in purple glitter pen? A modernist circle? A circle that wouldn’t roll down a hill?

If you aren’t sure what to do with the circle, take a moment to brainstorm about it. If you want to draw a sad circle, how will you convey that this circle is unhappy? Maybe you could use a blue marker. Maybe the solution is a little subtle sagging in the circle. Maybe you go all the way, give the circle eyes and a mouth, and make it a sad face. Regardless, thinking of several ways to solve a problem is a cornerstone of working creatively.

Making decisions about your circle leads to anxiety. It’s understandable; people do not like to make decisions. It is historically safer to wait until someone who knows what they’re talking about comes along to tell you what to do. But this circle is your responsibility. If you don’t draw this circle, no one else will! And hopefully you have more paper to draw on if you really mess it up.

If you are afraid of drawing the circle, recall again how drawing is a tool. You must accept that drawing is not the most terrifying act in the world. You do not need permission to draw. So even if the only thing you can draw is a circle, man, that circle is gonna come in handy when you want to talk about the planet Earth or happy faces or red rubber balls. Start there.

About the Author

Cat Rocketship is a writer and artist, co-director of Market Day Iowa and blogger at Follow her on Twitter @makersgonnamake.

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