Young Professionals A night at the Hessen Haus in Des Moines. (Juice File Photo)

A night at the Hessen Haus in Des Moines. (Juice File Photo)

Half of millennials call themselves ‘foodies,’ Washington Post reports

Published on October 30th, 2013 | by Josh Hafner

Young people of Des Moines, which sounds better: Dancing the night away with your friends at Joker’s on Court Avenue or chatting over fine Italian at Lucca in the East Village?

The answer may increasingly be the latter for YPs, according to a recent article in the Washington Post headlined “For millennials, food isn’t just food. It’s community.” In it, Tim Carman reports:

Researchers do seem to agree on one thing that separates millennials from earlier generations: They are less black-and-white in their thinking. Take, for example, a recent study by the advertising giant BBDO. It notes that 50 percent of millennials refer to themselves as “foodies,” but 60 percent of those self-identified foodies still visit fast-food restaurants at least once a week (compared with 48 percent for older adults). … Other sources suggest that millennials are “community-oriented” and self-centered at the same time.

Instead of dancing together at a club or discovering a new band together at music venue, Carman suggests that millennials are increasingly bonding over food.

This, he says, is evidenced by the rising popularity of sharable small-plate offerings (or tapas) and big communal tables like those at Des Moines’ Hessen Haus, where you could end up downing beer next to a true friend or a total stranger.

Eating out isn’t something you do before a big Friday night event, the piece suggests, it is the event.


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