Four warming curries for winter

Four warming curries for winter

Curries come in a variety of styles, but during the cold winter months, nearly all provide a warming and spicy treat. The term curry doesn’t have a precise definition but can refer to a number of dishes from several culinary traditions, including Indian and Thai. Vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood can all be main curry ingredients, so try a selection of dishes to find your favorite version.

Pineapple curry at Zuzap Thai Cuisine, $9.95: For a more tropical curry meal, try a dish packed with pineapple pieces in a red curry sauce. Bell peppers and basil add to the flavor combination, and diners can choose from chicken, beef, pork or tofu, or add seafood for an additional charge. The dish also comes with either rice or a choice of noodles. Another tasty flavor to try is Zuzap’s pumpkin curry. Find it: 12871 University Ave., Ste. 100, Clive, 515-440-1144,

Fish curry at India Star, $9.99: India Star serves a number of seafood favorites, including shrimp vindaloo and lobster masala. The fish curry offers diners a traditional curry with the taste of the sea, featuring fish cubes served in a mild sauce. Fish curry may offer something a little different for the taste buds, but there are also plenty of choices like chicken and lamb curry, korma and vindaloo for the less adventurous. Find it: 5514 Douglas Ave., 515-279-2118,

Lamb korma at Kurry Xpress, $9.99: Choose from a wide variety of vegetarian, chicken or lamb curries at this small but sleek restaurant. Lamb korma features soft pieces of lamb in a mildly spicy, creamy sauce. It goes well with the accompanying fragrant basmati rice, or try it with a piece of naan bread. Kurry Xpress also offers a selection of biryanis, rice-based dishes slow cooked in a special pot. Find it: 1679 NW 86th St., Clive, 515-223-2202,

Green curry at Thai Flavors, $9.95: A menu staple at Thai Flavors and many other Thai restaurants is the green curry. It’s a favorite for a reason—a coconut milk sauce provides a creamy sweetness that is delicious with additions like bamboo shoots, bell pepper and basil. To up the spice factor, try the red curry, which features similar ingredients in more fiery sauce. A choice of meat includes chicken, beef or pork, or opt for veggies or tofu. Seafood and duck are also available for an added charge. Find it: 1254 E. 14th St., 515-262-4658,

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