Four to try: Rangoons

Four to try: Rangoons

Where do crab Rangoon come from? It’s a dish that doesn’t show up on menus in China and southeast Asia, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to be on the menu of every Chinese and Thai place in America. Here are four Rangoons worth ordering for an appetizer (and in one case, dessert).

1. Cool Basil, 8801 University Ave., Clive

Your basic crab Rangoon model, crab meat and cream cheese inside a wonton shell and deep-fried to deliciousness. Served with traditional sweet & sour sauce. $5.95 for an order.

2. Cafe Fuzion, 1240 E. 14th St.

Created for the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, this appetizer has been added to the menu full time. It’s east meets Midwest, proving that bacon can be added to anything. $4.99 for an order.

3. Wasabi Tao, 400 Walnut St.

Move beyond the world of crab to and enjoy shrimp and other flavors in with your cream cheese and fried shell. $8 for an order.

4. Court Avenue Brewing Company, 309 Court Ave.

It looks like a crab Rangoon, but it’s topped with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar and filled with homemade cookie dough. If you’re ever looking for an all-wonton meal, keep this in mind for dessert. $2.99 for an order.

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