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The Lobster Roll with pasta salad and the Sandbag a drink with ginger-vanilla vodka lemonade mixed with peach wine at the Levee.

Zach Boyden-Holmes/Juice The Lobster Roll with pasta salad and the Sandbag a drink with ginger-vanilla vodka lemonade mixed with peach wine at the Levee.

First Look: The Levee

Published on June 27th, 2013 | by Jackie Hoermann

The scene: For a space that’s hoping to give guests a “boat club feel,” nothing nautical jumps out at you as you enter, but wrought iron tables, a few strings of lights, and a handsomely tarnished metal bar top gave the patio a touch of summer cool.

Actually touching that same metal bar top on a sunny day, though, is anything but cool. Ask for a coaster or suffer the consequences of watered-down mixed drinks and lukewarm beer.

What’s nice is that The Levee is tucked away between 100 Court Ave. and a brick parking structure, making for an airy breezeway. The tall entry gates give just enough separation from the city, but not too much. You can hear the sounds of Court Avenue mixed between reggae beats.

The rest of the patio is quite a bit cooler and provided plenty of shade and space to move around. The only fan to be found was rightly cooling off the cook as he worked at impressive speeds in his old-fashioned summer kitchen, sending delightfully spicy smells your way.

The food: What smelled delightful did not disappoint. My friend and I tried the potachoes—yes, that’s a potato nacho—settling on “Four,” the last in the “One Potacho, Two Potacho, Three Potacho, Four” series. “Four” ($11) features grilled spinach and artichoke dip, a flavorful precursor to the main dish we were interested in, the Lobster Roll ($12). We Midwesterners weren’t familiar with this lobster version of a po-boy sandwich, but we are now. Its hint of Cajun spice is one to be remembered.

The drinks: To wash it all down, my friend ordered a pounder-sized can of Bud Light ($3.50) and I went a highly-recommended house specialty, The Sandbag ($7). Ginger-vanilla vodka lemonade mixed with peach wine made it a refreshment I’d return for. Let’s just say I could wait out some torrential weather with The Sandbag.

So could the red Solo cup The Sandbag came in. Maybe redneck yacht club is what they’re after? Proceed to party.

The people: A good mixture of 30-something professional types and younger urbanites decked out in preppy-hipster confusion. Plenty of lively conversation helped to pass the time with a forgivable trace of ego that’s to be expected from young professionals networking over post-work drinks in the middle of the week.

Given the location, the name makes sense. But more than the location, the atmosphere at “The Levee” reminds me of the protective structure it’s named for. I plan to float back, mostly likely after a day of drowning in paperwork or as a Saturday night excursion between bar destinations.

The Levee

Where: 100 Court Ave.

Hours: Kitchen hours 5 p.m.- 10 p.m. Wednesday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. on Saturday. Bar closes at midnight Wednesday through Saturday.

Info: Call Sbrocco with questions 282-3663


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