Published on March 21st, 2014 | by Josh Hafner

Do you know any Republican hipsters? The GOP does

Have you heard about Scott Greenberg?

He’s young. He’s a millennial. He’s also undeniably hip.

Check it: Warby Parkerish glasses. Vintage-looking striped tee. One of those haircuts where the top grows out real long but the sides are buzzed real short.

Let’s just say what we’re all thinking: Scott’s what some call a hipster.

But here’s the other thing: Scott’s also a Republican. Boom. Whoah. Did your mind get blown just now? The GOP hopes so.

Scott’s part of a new ad campaign from the Republican Party called “Create Your American Dream“.

The campaign features several people explaining why they’re Republican, a couple of whom look similar to groups some say the Grand Old Party struggles to reach as voters, including millennials.

Will the GOP’s marketing toward millennials work? As others have noted, probably not.

(Team Obama tried the same thing last Christmas to equally laughable results.)

That’s because millennials  value  authenticity. They smell pandering — even from fellow millennials — from a mile away.

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