Published on December 23rd, 2013 | by Joe Lawler

Did every country song sound the same this year?

Grady Smith writes for Entertainment Weekly and assembled a video on the predominant themes in country music this year. For the record, they were:

Dirt roads, trucks, jeans, rivers, sunset/moonlight, alcohol and the word “girl.” The next big country show in Des Moines is Jason Aldean, Jan. 16 at Wells Fargo Arena. Let’s see how he’s covered those bases:

Dirt roads: “Dirt Road Anthem”

Trucks: “Take a Little Ride”

Jeans: Aldean is sponsored by Wrangler Jeans.

Aldean covered Alabama’s “Tennessee River” on this year’s “Alabama & Friends” album.

Aldean mentions sunsets in several songs, including “Fly Over States” and “This I Gotta See” and moonlight in “My Kinda Party” and “Take a Little Ride.”

Alcohol: Beer in “Dirt Road Anthem,” whiskey in “Church Pew Or Barstool.”

Girl: This might take a while to sort through, so I’ll stick with female-themed songs. “She Loved Me,” “Grown Woman,” “She’s Country,” “Keep The Girl,” “If She Could See Me Now,” “When She Says Baby.”

To be fair, that covers Aldean’s entire career. I could put together a list like this for The Beatles or the Rolling Stones, too. I’d be curious if anyone has done a similar video for common themes in metal, indie rock or hip hop this year.

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