Young Professionals As screenshot of the Des Moines is NOT Boring blog.

As screenshot of the Des Moines is NOT Boring blog.

Des Moines is NOT Boring blog turns five

Published on August 21st, 2013 | by Ameena Rasheed

What started out as a class project at Drake University has now turned into a journal of what makes Des Moines so exciting. Actually, today marks the blog’s five-year anniversary.

From Des Moines is NOT Boring:

“As a kid growing up in Des Moines, I was the one who commonly said “Des Moines is Boring” or “there is nothing to do in this city.” I always thought the big cities had so much more to offer and this little city in hickville Iowa was so lame. Those thoughts continued through High School, College, and even during the beginning of my professional life. Then, as if I were hit by a truck and given some sense, I started to read about new and innovative things going on in this great city. After some internal counseling, I realized I had no idea what the city had to offer because I had failed to look. I took this new found revelation and used it as motivation to start looking for new and cool things to do.”

Des Moines is NOT Boring is one of several blog that we highlight in our Reader Blogs section. You can read more Des Moines is NOT Boring blog posts here.




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