Food Froyo. Juice file photo.

Froyo. Juice file photo.

Cupcakes vs. frozen yogurt: Two trendy desserts face off

Published on October 8th, 2013 | by Joe Lawler

 Frozen Yogurt
Fairy cakes, patty cakes
Other names for it
Fro yo, frogurt
300 (make-at-home kind)
Average calories
115 (half cup, pre-toppings)
Carefree Patisserie, Creme Cupcake, Scratch
Some options in Des Moines
Orange Leaf, Lemon Tree, Menchie’s,
Cherry Berry
First reference found in 1796.
When created
Happy tummies, has own wrapper, hand held
Low fat, sounds healthier when described to others.
Frosting, sprinkles, occasionally bacon
Various toppings
Gummy bears, cookie crumbs, sprinkles
By the dozen
How typically purchased
By weight
Uses beverage holders to also hold cupcakes.
Homer Simpson’s reaction
Declined to eat cursed frozen yogurt.
Can its name be used as a cute/possibly demeaning nickname?
Maybe. It’s a stretch.
A muffin
Could be mistaken for
Ice cream, non-frozen yogurt


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