Music The Texas country band Sweetwater Rain will open for Rascal Flatt’s on Friday.

The Texas country band Sweetwater Rain will open for Rascal Flatt’s on Friday.

Come for Rascal Flatts, find a new favorite band

Published on October 21st, 2013 | by Joe Lawler

Rascal Flatts is the band you’re going to see. The Band Perry is a group you’re pretty familiar with. But while you’re waiting for them, Sweetwater Rain wants 20 minutes of your time to try to win you over.

The Texas country band is playing with Rascal Flatt’s “Live & Loud Tour” during October, and Des Moines is Sweetwater Rain’s second to last stop. The group hasn’t released an album yet (that’s expected out in the spring), but it’s done well with two singles, “Starshine” and “Pray For Me.”

“It’s been awesome. We’ve been out there running 1,000 miles an hour for 27 hours a day,” singer Danny Rivera said during a phone interview with the band. “It’s a great chance to expose ourselves to a great audience.”

The rest of the band snickered.

“We’re learning a lot and picking up as much as we can while we capitalize on reaching as many fans as we can.”

After the Rascal Flatts dates, Sweetwater Rain plans to head back into the studio to record three more songs to add to its upcoming album. They hope to land on another big tour soon, but they try to put on the same show for 10 people that they would for 10,000.

“We try to get everyone involved,” Rivera said. “We want the crowd on stage with us, and we want to be in the audience watching. We’re leaving it all out there, because fans deserve no less. We’re on a mission to align the planet with our jams.”

“We promise an action-packed 20 minutes,” guitarist Fred Stallcup said.

Stallcup and bassist Thomas Rennick are now based in Nashville, while Rivera commutes from their home state of Texas to work with the band.

On “Starshine” the band featured guest vocals from label-mate Ruth Collins, but she wasn’t available to tour with the band. Instead they’re being joined on the tour by Marissa Rhodes from “American Idol” and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Twenty minutes is only about four songs. The fourth one each night is “Pray For Me,” the band’s latest single, but one that they’ve been playing for years.

“In the time we’ve been playing it, we’ve never had a night where someone didn’t tell us how much that song has touched or moved them,” Rivera said. “It’s neat to see the emotion it brings out sometimes. It’s one of those songs that always gets a response from the crowd.”

Rascal Flatts with The Band Perry and Sweetwater Rain

When: 7:30 p.m. Friday

Where: Wells Fargo Arena, 730 Third St.

Cost: $20-$69.75


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