Celebrate fall with four pumpkin flavored items

Celebrate fall with four pumpkin flavored items

Pumpkin is for more than just pies. As the gourd comes into season, more and more dishes are popping up on local menus featuring it. You’ve got to do something with the ones that weren’t lucky enough to become Jack O’ Lanterns.

Pumpkin ale: Wash everything down with a pint of the seasonal Pumpkin Ale at Raccoon River Brewery. It’s a spicy brew, with cinnamon rounding out the pumpkin flavor. $4.50. Find it: Raccoon River Brewing Company, 200 10th St.

Pumpkin bread pudding: The bakery and lounge recently added a bread pudding made with pumpkin. It’s a milder sweetness of the pumpkin mixes well with the crumbs and cream. $9. Find it: Creme Cupcake, 543 28th St.

Pumpkin pie smoothie: A smoothie made with pumpkin, and frozen yogurt, or banana if you want something a little lighter. You can also add oatmeal for extra fiber. $4.50. Find it: The Juice Company, 845 42nd St.

Pumpkin pancakes: Available year round, the Drake Diner’s pumpkin pancakes are little orange circles of deliciousness served with real butter and maple syrup. $6.49 for three or $5.49 for two. Find it: Drake Diner, 1111 25th St.

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