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Bob Nastanovich.

Bob Nastanovich of Pavement posted his Iowa-heavy best of 2013 list

Published on December 16th, 2013 | by Joe Lawler

Matador Records posted a blog on Friday with various people associated with the label contributing their Best of 2013 lists.

Among those posting was Pavement member and current Des Moines resident Bob Nastanovich. His list was very Iowa centric noting bands for their recordings as well as live acts, with Gloom Balloon, Mumford’s, Pennyhawk and others making the cut. In fact, the only two on his list that weren’t from Iowa were Grass Widows and Dolfish. But the latest Dolfish record was recorded in Des Moines with a lot of Iowa musicians working on it.

So the list is pretty much 90% Iowa. Way to represent, Bob.

Nastanovich is DJing the New Year’s Eve party at Vaudeville Mews with Marc Hogan

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