Joe Lawler’s Backstage Pass







Vaudeville Mews


Gas Lamp

Des Moines Civic Center

Hoyt Sherman Place

Val Air Ballroom

The Meadows Events Center

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  1. David David says:


    Hey man, hope this finds you well. So here is the deal. I contacted you a few months ago about proper spots for a good EDM spot. You provided with decent spots I must say! Thank you, however, I am looking to bring more electronic music to the Des Moines area. Iowa has does not have an electronic music scene whatsoever, lets face it. I know there are people out there that want this style of music. Granted we are not going to pull the big name acts like Calvin Harris or Tiesto or Armin van Buuren and so on. But we should be able to grab “mid-level talent.”
    We have two major universities within 100 miles and in Des Moines we have Drake, which is also a good size school as well. So, to me, there is no reason that Iowa should not pull outstanding “lower-level” talent.
    So basically what I am asking of you is a couple of things: One, if you know of any, can you put me in contact with any clubs that lean towards this type of music and have the budget to maybe grab a DJ or two every once in a while. Two; I don’t know any promoters in the area so maybe, and I understand the business, you can put me in touch with a few in the area to get the scene moving in the right direction. (I used to work very closely with promoters in Hartford, CT so I understand its not just like switching on a light switch). Finally, this movement of EDM, is like rock music of the 60′s, and I don’t want to see Des Moines get left behind, let’s keep up with the times.
    I would love to talk all the possibilities of making anything like this happen, even if it is at a small club, because I know this is going to explode once it properly “catches wind” here in Des Moines.
    Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. I hope this finds you well.
    My phone number 860-917-3995 text me or call at any time day or night really I’m free if need be or if you know of any club promoters or owners that are interested I’m free 99% of the time.
    Thank you so much and thanks for reading!

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