Music Modern Life is War, show #34

Modern Life is War, show #34

52 local shows in 52 weeks; Joe’s 2013 resolution and a goal for 2014

Published on January 2nd, 2014 | by Joe Lawler

Midway through 2012 I was talking to a musician friend at a bar, trying to get him to share any info he had about a headlining act for a festival. He told me it was someone I had seen that year, and I drew a complete blank as I tried to remember what shows I had been to.

The birth of my daughter in Dec., 2011, put a crimp in seeing many shows in 2012, so I made a resolution for 2013: see 52 shows featuring local bands. That was in addition to any other concerts I might be seeing.

I would only count one show per day, so if there was a noon concert downtown on June 1 and a show I wanted to see later that night, I couldn’t double up. But each day of a multi-day festival, like 80/35, could count. Basically, the show counted if I got a night’s sleep in between. I had to do some doubling up on some weeks toward the end.

For 2014 I’m changing things up a bit: 52 venues in 52 weeks. I’m planning to limit myself to Iowa venues (I made a list and should be able to pull this off with some traveling). My 2013 list was dominated by Vaudeville Mews, House of Bricks, Wooly’s and Gas Lamp. For 2014 I want to spread my shows out a lot.

So here’s a list of the local shows and acts I saw in 2013 and the venues where they occurred. I had hoped to attend a final show on New Year’s Eve, but a sick family prompted me to spend a quiet NYE at home.

1. Jan. 4, Wooly’s: Madison Ray & All The Single Ladies, Deadnote, The River Monks

2. Jan. 13, The Grape Vine: The High Crest

3. Jan. 18, Hull Ave. Tavern: Dead Horse Trauma, Mars on Fire

4. Jan. 24, Jasper Winery: Tony Bohnenkamp

5. Jan. 25, Vaudeville Mews: Tires, IS Home Is, Mad Wheel Starfish, Tourist

6. Jan. 31, House of Bricks: Andy Fleming, Aaron Winters

7. Feb. 9, Iowa State Fairgrounds: Mr. Baber’s Neighbors, DDEP

8. Feb. 13, Hull Ave. Tavern: Reeferseed Express

9. Feb. 15, Vaudeville Mews: Pussywillow, Jordan Mayland & The Thermal Detonators

10. Feb. 22, Val Air Ballroom: DJ Tone Zone, Bob Tyler & The Reckless Hearts, Uproar Jazz Quintet

11. March 4, Greenwood Lounge: Findlay Family Fun Fest

12. March 14, Vaudeville Mews: Gloom Balloon, Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos

13. April 6, Raccoon River Brewing Co: Thankful Dirt

14. April 13, Gross Domestic Product: Madison Ray & All The Single Ladies, Jordan Mayland & The Thermal Detonators, Is  Home Is, Land of Blood and Sunshine, Kris Adams, Handlebar, Annalibera, The Seed of Something, DJ Tone Zone, Dustin Smith, Wolves in the Attic, The Olympics, DJ Mona Bonez, The Wheelers, Mr. Nasti, Trouble Lights, Bob Nastanovich, House of Large Sizes.

15. April 20, The Thirsty Sportsman: Opus Taylor

* April 22, Vaudeville Mews: Trouble Lights. I had been counting this in my tally, until I remembered that I had seen Trouble Lights at GDP. For a show to count there needed to be at least one band I hadn’t seen before.

16. May 10, Lazerfest: Fatal Addiction

17. May 18, Vaudeville Mews: Randy Burk & The Prisoners, The Colt Walkers

18. May 24, House of Bricks: Ladysoal, The Candeez, Jym Crow

19. June 6, Benefit for Terry Reid at Vaudeville Mews, 4th St. Theater: Jim Enos, Electric Junction, The High Crest, Love Songs 4 Lonely Monsters

20. June 22, Welcome Back to Walnut Street: Max Wellman

21. June 27, Des Moines Social Club: Satellite States

22. June 28, Rendezvous on Riverview: Boomerang

23. July 5, 80/35: Annalibera, Emperors Club, Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos, Maxilla Blue, Euforquestra, Richie Daggers with Gadema

24. July 6: 80/35 and Vaudeville Mews after party: Dylan Sires & Neighbors, The Uniphonics, Mr. Baber’s Neighbors, Escondido (featuring Iowan Tyler James), HD Harmsen,
SP3, Trouble Lights, The River Monks, Mumford’s, Poison Control Center, Ramona & The Swimsuits

 25: July 19, Welcome Back to Walnut Street: Chad Elliott & Bonita Crowe

26: July 26, Hub Spot: Belin Quartet

27: Aug. 16, Welcome Back to Walnut Street: Big Joe Kinser

28: Aug. 16, Wooly’s: Max Jury

29: Aug. 31, PBR Bar: DJ Hogstyle

30: Sept. 1, PBR Bar: Dickweed, Pussywillow

31: Sept. 8, Live on Locust: William Elliott Whitmore

32:  Sept. 13, Welcome Back to Walnut Street: David Zollo

33: Sept. 27, DG’s Tap House/Main Street/Inkblot Studio: Greg Brown & Bo Ramsey, Britches & Hose, The Beach Toys

34: Oct. 4, Wooly’s: Modern Life is War, William Elliott Whitmore

35: Oct. 8, Vaudeville Mews: Leslie & The Ly’s

36: Oct. 19, The Fremont: Bridge Infinite

37: Oct. 19, Gas Lamp: Dick Prall (born in Iowa), Parlours

38: Oct. 31, Wooly’s: Karen Meat & The Players, Surf Niagara, Volcano Boys, Mint

39: Nov. 8, Vaudeville Mews: In Rooms, Ezra Furman & The Boy-Friends (featuring Iowan Jorgen Jorgensen Briggs)

40: Nov. 14, The Fremont: Tyborn Jig, Wheelers

41: Nov. 15, Little Big Fest: Brooks Strauss, The Uniphonics

42: Nov. 22, Gas Lamp: Three Legged Dawg, James Biehn

43: Nov. 26, Mars Cafe: Conquered Family Thanksgiving

44: Nov. 28, Hull Ave. Tavern: Raccoon River Boys, Scotty & The Wingtips

45: Nov. 30, Vaudeville Mews: Austin Brown Trio, Seed of Something Gloom Balloon

46: Dec. 4, Capitol Square: Simon Estes and Sophia Ahmad

47: Dec. 6, Capitol Square: B. John Burns

48: Dec. 11, Vaudeville Mews: Dana Halferty, Scott Yoshimura, Max Jury, MaryBeth Doran

49: Dec. 13, Gas Lamp: North of Grand, Squidboy

50: Dec. 21, Gas Lamp: Agents of Mischief, Johnny Reeferseed and the High Rollers

51: Dec. 27, Vaudeville Mews: Liana, Obsidian’s Dream, Diamonds for Eyes

52: Dec. 28, Gas Lamp: Velcro Moxie, Holy White Hounds, Hath No Fury

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