Published on December 16th, 2013 | by Des Moines Register

51 ways to get a healthy start on 2014

Start a food journal. Mindless eating — grazing, eating little bites throughout the day — is a way to pack on calories with little benefit. “Research shows that people that are logging their foods are having better weight-loss outcomes,” said Kelsey Ermels, a registered dietitian with UnityPoint. Keep a journal or use an app (MyFitnessPal is a good one).

Cut 10 calories a day. Visualize it: That’s one gulp of soda, 1 potato chip, or 1 Lifesaver. “Everyone thinks they have to do a complete diet makeover, but really it’s just the little things,” Ermels said.

Cut out one artificially sweetened beverage each day. You’ll trim sweet cravings and calories, too.

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