Music Scott Yoshimura, 28, is the singer/guitarist for Canby.

Scott Yoshimura, 28, is the singer/guitarist for Canby.

3 questions with… Scott Yoshimura

Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Joe Lawler

Scott Yoshimura, 28, is the singer/guitarist for Canby, performing 9 p.m. Saturday at the Vaudeville Mews PBR Bar, 212 Fourth St.

You expanded Canby with a horn section. How did that come about?

When I first started practicing with a four-piece rhythm section, I was envisioning horn parts on a lot of the songs. A lot of them were written very sparsely, with room for horn parts in there. I enlisted the help of my friend Chris Van Leeuwen, a great jazz trumpet player. Over the course of a couple months we wrote and refined horn arrangements on all of the songs.

Are you adding horns to older Canby material, or just the new songs?

Really we’re just focusing on new material. I think as the band has grown and refined its sound, we’ve been using the energy we get from everyone to just tackle new songs. If we play a longer set I’ll play some older songs with no horns. But with the horns we’re now a 12-piece band. There’s really no in between on this, if not everyone can make it, I’ll just play it as a solo show.

How does becoming a 12-piece band change things for you as a performer?

Quite a lot. On several songs I’m not playing anything. Going from being a drummer, and being good at that, to being in front of everyone holding a guitar was a whole ball game change for me. I wasn’t comfortable for a long time. Now I’m giving up the crutch of playing anything for some songs and it’s a whole new world. My favorite thing to do is dance and sing. That was kind of the idea behind writing these songs with energy for a big live band.

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