Music Eric Davidson, 31, the vocalist for Dead Horse Trauma.

Eric Davidson, 31, the vocalist for Dead Horse Trauma.

3 questions with Eric Davidson

Published on June 24th, 2014 | by Joe Lawler

Eric Davidson, 31, is the vocalist for Dead Horse Trauma, which plays a CD release show at 5 p.m. Friday at House of Bricks, 525 E. Grand Ave.

Q: How would you compare “Kill The Precedence“ to Dead Horse Trauma’s prior releases?

We’ve been trying to put out a heavier album every time we come out and incorporating some of the things we’ve learned from our live show into the album. For this one we threw all that out the window.

We called it “Kill the Precedence” because there’s not a structure to the album. As opposed to writing an entire album with a theme, the songs were all written on an individual basis. We did what we thought felt good and would translate well live. We’re going out more on a limb with more of a rock sound as opposed to just heaviness. I think it will play well to a wider audience, not just the metal crowd.

Q: This tour keeps you on the road until the end of August. Is this DHT’s biggest tour?

For sure. Even by some national touring band standards, it’s a hefty workload. We’ve been preparing in a lot of different ways, as a band and as a business. We’re rebuilding our stage show and using suggestions from other musicians. We’re going out on tour, but we’re the bottom of this tour’s totem poll. We won’t have much time to set up, so we want to keep things consistent.

Q: A lot of bands turn to crowdfunding to help pay for albums; what made you guys aim for a tour vehicle with your current Indiegogo campaign?

We’ve never done anything like that, but we’ve seen some success with it from other bands. I’ve always been kind of turned off by it; I didn’t want to beg for what we’re going for. But it seems like more of a way of getting fans involved in the future of your band.

We’ve always tried to rely on merch sales, but that doesn’t seem to be the way to go anymore. So we’re raising money for a specific thing, as opposed to always trying to raise money through merch.

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