18 new foods at the 2013 State Fair (with photos)

18 new foods at the 2013 State Fair (with photos)

We created legends for these real yet mythologically delicious items you’ll find at the Iowa State Fair. While the creation myths are satirical, these foods are absolutely authentic.

Shrimp corn dog — When three shrimp were caught in a teleportation accident with a corn dog, they were transformed into this delicious freak of dining. (Po Boy Stand on Rock Island Avenue).

Smoothie on a stick — Defying all laws of physics, it’s a drink on a stick! Amaze your friends and relatives! (Turkey Time Concessions).

Bacon wrapped riblet on a stick — Shocking! Sensational! Much like a bearded lady, riblet disguises itself with a piece of hickory smoked pork draped in bacon and slathers itself in barbecue sauce. (Bud Tent).

Coconut mountain on a stick — This massive land mass was formed not by the shifting of the tectonic plates thousands of years ago, but rather by the rolling of soft coconut into a ball before being dipped in chocolate and powdered sugar (Fyfe Concessions).

Soft salted chocolate dipped almond pretzel on a stick — Rumored to be the world’s longest food (or at least longest named), a soft pretzel is dipped in almond bark, sprinkled with slivered almonds and dashed in salt. (Old Fashioned Root Beer & Pretzels Stand).

Deep fried sweet corn corn dog — She looks sweet, but … well, she actually is. Served with a side of sweet corn and a honey dripping sauce. (Campbell’s Concession)

Rib shack cowboy — Howdy, pilgrim, it’s the spirit of John Wayne reincarnated in food form with cowboy beans, brisket or pork, coleslaw and a chip and barbecue sauce in a spice-flavored waffle cone. Fill your hand! With one of these. (Rib Shack)

Jalapeno corn dog — Made with hot and dangerous peppers found by a mad man in the jungles of Central America, then joined with a tame corn dog to create delicious insanity on a stick. (Campbell’s Concession)

New funnel cakes — A funnel to another dimension … of taste! Carmel apple and strawberry funnel cakes are available at Westmoreland Concessions, while maple bacon funnel cakes are at The Best Around Concessions.

Even more foods:

Fresh tenderloin sandwich at Chuckie’s Tenderloins

Bratwurst on a pretzel bun at Arnold’s Concessions

Cajun-flavored cheese curds at Brad and Harry’s Cheese Curds

Deep Fried Bull Fries at Cattlemen’s Beef Quarters

Fresh wood oven pizza at Parlo Pizza

Graham Champion Fair Square at the northwest corner of the Administration Building

Fried brownie on a stick at Fyfe Concessions.


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